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13 Januari 2014
Attached is the picture of Niko that Marshall took.  Marshall was INSIDE the house.

30 maart 2014 
2 mei 2014

On Monday and Tuesday (04-21-2014 & 04-22-2014) Niko had his first breeding experience, with Lena, Nancy Mitchel's Female from Colorado.  Lena is a full sister to Indy.  Nancy & Lena traveled about 1400 miles for the breeding.  Lena is a very playful 3-year old, very similar to Indy's personality.  It did not take much time for them to complete the courtship and the mating.  Lena was covered two times, we are awaiting the news of the ultrasound which I believe will be sometime around May 21st.

Indy, Lena & Niko 

20 mei 2014
We learned this morning Nancy took Lena in for an ultrasound. 
Lena is pregnant with at least 5 puppies! So far so good!! 

18 juni 2014

Niko and Indy are doing great!  Indy had finally gained weight.  We will never really know why but he was castrated and then slowly started to gain.  We still give him 1/2 Pepcid AC every night, but we had to start giving him less breakfast.  Amazing!!  It is weird to see him with a belly and back filled out.  ;-)
Many dogs you castrate and it does nothing.  But we had to try. He was just too thin. Indy is the kind of dog that needs to have food in his stomach a few times a day.  And the Pepcid takes care of him overnight.  We give him his Pepcid in his food, but with it Berry flavor he eats it like candy.
We're so glad Berber is dong so well. The puppies look great!

Here are some photos of a wide version of Lena. Lena, from what I remember, is Due around June 20th. We learned she had an X-ray today and they saw 7 puppies.

19 Juni 2014

Between 8:02 pm and 11:18 pm Wed Lena gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies, 4 males, and 2 females- all textbook births, all vigorous nursers, all doing really well. Three hours later a last very small female came out still-born. Lena is a great mom and was a real champ all through the process. I have attached the two pictures she sent.  I just love some of those markings !!  Two almost look like twins on the backside.  Ha!  Wonderful about the 6, sad about 1.  ;-( Senna is a grandma again!  We will tell Niko.  LOL!

Website from Nancy (Lena's owner): 

02 Juli 2014

Sadly enough, we recieved the news that one of the pups didn't survive. Lena was lying in the middle of the whelping box with a puppy under her. The rest of the pups are doing really well. At the age of 10 days, they already tripled their birthweights! For more news and photos of the pups, you can see the website of Nancy (owner of Lena):

10 Augustus 2014

There were four pups left, one female and three males (tragedy happend with the fifth pup (accidently tripped and stepped on)).
The pups that are left are very good looking pups. Here are some photos of them.

5 September 2014
Oh Patty, I wish we could attend the reunion!   Please tell everybody Niko Sends his love!  And so do we.  ;-)  Pictures attached!!
We met with Cynthia and Gage Hoffman on the 24th of August.  Just a meet and greet.  They are very nice and their female was friendly and Niko and Indy enjoyed the company!!  A nice match for Niko and they are only 25 min away from us.  Baily is 5 years old and the BAC made a special exception to allow the breeding this December when she is 5-1/2 years old. We will see.

It's Niko in the two pictures.  Not good pictures, but you can see where he can go out and play, even one of the Friesian Horses in the back right side.  ;-)  Indy is well too.  FAT!  We had to cut the food back for him.  Amazing how he went from Anorexic to Fat!  But it is nice to see him eat.  We still give him 1/4 Pepcid Complete every evening to keep the acid in his stomach in check. 

17 september 2014
Niko's eyes was retested today for Cataracts and eye diseases.  His eyes are PERFECT!  Yeah! 
I am so glad he is ok.  I could care less about the breeding..........  I just want him to be healthy. 
Indy is as wacky as always.  Ha!  I stayed home with Indy while Mark took Niko.....  he is such a character!  Where he lacks in confirmation and smarts..........he gains in personality.

14 maart 2016

We are doing well here and the boys are doing great too! I have attached a few pictures but they will not be very good. LOL!
Also the test results that are for Niko for Cerebral Dysfunction Syndrome came in.  Of course.....  Negative (so free/clear!).  :)

23 Januari 2017

I don't need to say how bad we are with the camera and sending photos.  The boys were just back from the groomers and thought I would take a couple of photos for you. Their ears were suppose to be "rounded" however they cut them straight. Oops... Enjoy the photos!!


29 Januari 2017
Here is a picture that Marshall took of Mark & Niko with his phone. This is Niko's signature move. He LOVES to come up behind you and stand between your legs. He does it enough that Indy in the past 6 months will do this occasionally too. He is such a handsome boy.